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Client Success Stories


Mrs. Reynolds lives alone in her paid-off bungalow in Oak Park.  Her children live out of town. Her dementia is getting worse, such that she shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time and can’t manage her bills, but she can’t afford to move into an assisted living environment because the house would sell for far below market value and her only source of income is social security, which barely covers her current expenses.  She’s fallen multiple times, luckily without injury. She has difficulty scheduling doctor appointments and arranging transportation, so she just stopped going.  This caused all of her prescriptions to run out, and her blood pressure to go sky high.  Moving in with her children isn’t acceptable to her, or desirable to them.

Solution:  Referral to a reverse mortgage specialist and volunteer veteran’s agency to apply for Veteran’s Aid & Attendant benefit (as widow of a WWII veteran) to provide funds for paid in-home help, long neglected home maintenance and repairs, home safety modifications and equipment to reduce fall risk and make it easier for her to use the shower and toilet.  The care manager scheduled and attended a long overdue appointment with her doctor.  She agreed to prescribe home health care physical therapy and skilled nursing and filled out the VA examination form we created that increases approval rate by over 60% (many claims are rejected for inadequate medical documentation). We referred the family to an elder law specialist for legal planning for when Mrs. Reynolds is no longer competent for decision making. We arranged for automatic payments of monthly bills. Creative planning identified the daughter of a friend of the family who was unable to be self-supporting since graduating college last year.  She resented having to live with her parents and was thrilled with the offer of low rent in exchange for providing night-time supervision, breakfast & dinner preparation, medication reminders, and light housekeeping to Mrs. Reynolds.  We taught the family how to do background checks and helped them draft a contract of expectations and conditions.  We arranged for paid help to cover when the housemate is working or away, and provide Mrs. Reynolds’ bathing, housecleaning, transportation, and shopping assistance.  The rent income covers ongoing care management so that we visit her 1-2 times a month to monitor the arrangements, help her balance the checking account, attend her doctor appointments, keep her children informed on her status, and are available 24/7 in case of an emergency. 

Care Management Costs: $2,782.  Ongoing care management averages $300/month.

Savings:  Estimated savings in airfare for her children not having to fly into town on short notice: $2,300/year. Preventing nursing home placement from a stroke due to uncontrolled blood pressure: $7,200 (life savings after care management).  Creating monthly income to cover the costs of keeping Mrs. Reynolds safe and healthy in her own home and no longer lonely, and giving her children peace of mind:  Priceless.

Barbara's 77 year old mother suffered a severe stroke and wound up in a nursing home 38 miles away. Barbara wanted to take an early buy out from her employer in anticipation of massive layoffs to take her mother home to live with her.  The nursing home social worker convinced her that she couldn’t possibly afford to do this financially or physically, and that the only safe and appropriate plan was to keep her mother in the nursing home at $6,500 a month until her mother’s life savings were depleted and she would qualify for Medicaid.  Barbara couldn’t stand the thought of her mother living out the rest of her days in a small nursing home room shared with 2-3 other women.

Solution:  Care management to identify her mothers care needs and create a plan of training, services, supports, and home accessibility to empower Barbara to care for her mother in Barbara's home.

Care Management Costs: $1,584.

Savings:  $37,600.  Barbara and her mother having quality time together for the time her mother had left: Priceless (Her mother passed from another stroke 6 months after moving in)

Myra T. is a successful corporate event and party planner.  Right in the middle of planning a most crucial event for a most demanding client (her own daughter’s wedding) her 88 year old mother totaled her car. Fortunately, the injuries were minor, but the effects were not: with a broken arm she could no longer use her walker or take care of herself or her home. To make matters worse, the insurance company was giving Myra the run around at every turn.

Solution:  Care Management to set up 24 hr care for her mother in her mother’s condo and lift van transportation to appointments.

Care Management Costs: 0 (under MI auto no fault law the injured party has the right to choose her own certified case manager)

Savings:  22,000 in potential lost revenue.  Having a happy wedding day for her daughter:  priceless.

Mike S. is the only child of 78 and 90 year old parents.  His father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease a year ago and is progressively getting worse and Mike feared this was becoming too much for his mother to handle, but they refused all outside help.

Solution:  Care management that engaged both parents in identifying and addressing care needs, fall risk, and health care concerns with a plan of home safety devices, services, and respite options that respected their values, personality, and finances.  Mrs. S. agreed to let Mr. S. attend an adult day care program at the local senior center, while she participates in an exercise class, yoga, and book review club, lectures and presentations.  After the two of them enjoy a nutritious hot lunch in the center’s dining room, they enjoy a ballroom dancing class that improves Mr. S’s balance and fitness. On weekends Mike takes them to the movies and shopping.

Care Management Costs: $1,339

Savings: $4,800/month plus $70,000 lost sale value if Mike would have gone with his plan of selling his parent’s home at a loss and forcing them to move into assisted living.  Preventing Mrs. S. from becoming ill and dying prematurely from the stress of caregiving, and an arrangement to keep them together as long as possible: Priceless. 

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